Webserver without ssh-access

When you have a regular hosting provider without ssh access, but only something like sftp or web browser access, it is a bit more difficult to get the system up and running. You need a local linux host to do some steps locally.

  • Create a new database on the gui of your hosting provider.
  • Do all steps of the Server with ssh-access and git-client installation guide on your local linux host.
  • Clear the local cache directories:
    rm -r var/cache/*​
  • Enter the database connection settings for your newly created database from step one into the .env.local file.
  • Create a zip file:
    # Exclude the .git, build and var directories
    zip -r vereniging.zip . -x .git/\* -x build/\* -x var/\*​
  • Upload the zip file and extract it in the desired directory. Most hosting providers allow you to upload and unzip files using a web gui. If not, you will have to upload the complete directory structure by hand.
  • Now download the complete sql export of your local database (e.g. use phpMyAdmin for that) and import it into the database of the remote server (e.g. also using phpMyAdmin).

Now you should be able to access the software on your web server. In your browser, use https://your-server.com/vereniging/public. For a first login, use the username "firstname1.lastname1" and the password "secret1".

All steps except the database creation and filling can be automated using Jenkins: Deployment using Jenkins.