Server with ssh-access and git-client

The easiest installation is a linux server, where you have ssh-access and an installed git client. If so, do the following steps:

  • Make sure that a git client and composer are installed. Composer can be installed from
    # Check git client
    git --version
    # Check composer
    composer --version
  • Create the directory in which the system is to be installed:
    mkdir vereniging
    cd vereniging
    git clone .
    # This will take some time, because this downloads all additional libraries
    composer install​
  • Set some key parameters, e.g. the database connection settings, and cleanup:
    cp .env .env.local
    # and then:
    vi .env.local
    rm installer.php
    rm installer_step2.php
    rm deploy.php
  • Setup the database:
    # Create the database
    ./bin/console doctrine:database:create
    # Create the database tables
    ./bin/console doctrine:schema:update --force
    # Insert demo data
    ./bin/console doctrine:fixtures:load​ --group=default

Now you should be able to access the software on your web server. In your browser, use For a first login, use the username "firstname1.lastname1" and the password "secret1".