Use mailing lists

The system can update majordomo and mailman mailing lists automatically.


In the configuration file app/config/vereniging.yml you define with the parameter vereniging.mailing_list_update_type whether to use mailman mailing lists or majordomo mailing lists. Depending on the settings, the view of the manage mailinglists page is slightly different. For mailman lists, you define a management URL which is called by the vereniging system whenever there are changes to the subscribers of a list. Since majordomo is configured by sending emails to it, you will have to enter the management email address of the majordomo list server here. The list itself has to be configured somewhere else, e.g. on the management system of your homepage provider.

On this page, you can also check which members are subscribed to which list. This can be usefull for a first synchronisation of the list subscribers in Vereniging with those in the mailinglist management system.